WePlay! refutes report of $10M pool for CS:GO, Dota two events

WePlay! refutes report of $10M pool for CS:GO, Dota two events
WePlay! Esports refuted reports in the week that the tournament organizer is committing $10 million in prize pools for Counter-Strike: world Offensive and Dota two events in 2021 and 2022.

A report originally on ESTNN.com that has since been removed aforesaid that WePlay! planned to host twelve CS:GO and Dota two tournaments, with events going down in locations as well as Australia, Kyiv and la.

“We square measure making ready a happening schedule with uncommon inventive formats however because of quarantine restrictions, we have a tendency to can’t disclose it however,” WePlay! chief Oleh Humemiuk aforesaid in an exceedingly statement free to Field Level Media on Friday. “Esports fans can got to watch for new announcements.”

The organizers known as the report “unconfirmed information” that has circulated within the media.

“Someday, the media holding that’s WePlay Esports may host events in China, Australia (as noted by our holding’s managing partner Yura Lazebnikov), or the other country,” the company’s unharness explicit . “We conjointly would really like to assign sums of that magnitude to prize pools and schedule events 2 years ahead. however we have a tendency to can’t try this within the current circumstances.”

–Field Level Media

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This year’s Team Secret is statistically the foremost dominant Dota two team of all time
There hasn’t been a team within the history of Dota two that has been quite as dominant as this season’s Team Secret.

Then again, if your team encompasses a roll consisting of 2 The International (TI) champions in Clement “Puppey” Lev Ivanov and Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen aboard Michal “Nisha” Jankowski, Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg, and Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat, excellence ought to be the norm.

After all, that roll includes players that square measure dead the highest five of the simplest players within the world in every position.

They have the results to point out for it too: a serious championship at DreamLeague Season 13: The urban center Major before the Dota professional Circuit (DPC) was suspended followed by seven-straight tournament wins once the scene shifted to on-line competition.

So, there’s little doubt that this season’s Team Secret is one in every of the foremost dominant groups within the history of the sport. however square measure they easy the foremost dominant team of all-time?

Let’s take a glance at a number of the numbers to search out our answer.

Let’s begin with their win rate. consistent with knowledge from datdota, Secret vie 195 games this season associated won a hundred and sixty of them to post an absurd eighty two win rate.

For comparison, here square measure all the opposite groups that denote a win rate higher than hr this season in an exceedingly minimum of one hundred games:

Fnatic: 145-52 (73%)
Quincy Crew: 101-36 (73%)
Virtus.pro: 155-90 (63%)
PSG.LGD: 132-77 (63%)
Evil Geniuses: 124-73 (62%)
Thunder Predator: 137-82 (62%)
Vici Gaming: 145-96 (60%)
You have to think about that those alternative groups vie a majority of their games in regions with weaker competitions.

Numbers aside, it’s conjointly extremely, extremely onerous to form a decent case that any of these groups square measure higher than Secret (who, by the way, square measure dominating Europe, the simplest region in Dota).

To better place Secret’s dominance this season into perspective, let’s scrutinize however they pile up to 2 of the opposite groups that were traditionally dominant: 2013 Alliance and 2015-2016 OG.

From the formation of their organization to their finish at TI3, 2013 Alliance vie in 208 games and won 157 of them to post a seventy fifth win rate. Meanwhile, from the formation of their organization to the top of their run at TI6, the 2015-2016 OG squad vie in 220 games and won one hundred forty five of them to post a sixty six win rate.

It appears nearer till you think about the actual fact that those 2 groups vie against considerably worse competition compared to what Secret moon-faced this season, by virtue of the natural progression of players recouping on the average because the game continues to mature.

Not solely that, the present Team Secret has conjointly broken all records for the simplest run of any team within the history of the sport, consistent with datdota.

Secret denote the simplest 50-game run of any team in history, going 47-3 from could to June to interrupt the previous best run of 45-5 denote by Fnatic and Newbee back in 2016.

For the simplest 75-game run of all time, Secret went 67-8 from could to June to interrupt the previous best run of 65-10 denote by Newbee back in 2016.

For the simplest 100-game run of all time, Secret went 87-13 from could to August to interrupt the previous best run of 83-17 denote by Alliance back in 2013.

For the simplest 150-game run of all time, no alternative team came shut. Secret went 123-27 from Gregorian calendar month to June to beat a 122-28 run they themselves started fitting Gregorian calendar month last year.

Those numbers don’t even identical to encapsulating simply however dominant Secret has been in recent months, particularly throughout their current streak of seven-straight championships that started in could.

Let’s list down United Nations agency their opponents were in every of these finals series:

At WePlay! Pushka League Season one, they defeated Virtus.pro Prodigy. At the Gamers without boundary lines charity tournament, they defeated Na’Vi. At OGA Dota PIT on-line EU/CIS, they defeated Team Liquid. At BLAST Bounty Hunt, they defeated OG. At on the far side EPIC: EU/CIS, they defeated Team Nigma. Then last at the OMEGA League Europe Immortal Division, they defeated OG for a second time.

Oh, did we have a tendency to forget to say that each one of these series were clean 3-0 sweeps? They weren’t facing weak competition by any means that either. The groups Secret dominated embody VP, United Nations agency have a win rate of over hr this season, also as 2 TI-winning squads in Nigma and OG, with the latter being swept doubly.

There has been no alternative team within the history of skilled Dota two that has won seven-straight tournaments. There has conjointly been no alternative team within the history of the sport that swept seven-straight grand finals. will all that not scream uncomparable domination to you?

Story continues

Of course, there square measure caveats. whereas Secret did look dominant throughout the urban center Major against international competition, one will argue that their on-line results have all been against groups from Europe or the CIS. on the other hand} again, are you able to honestly say that the competition in alternative regions is healthier than in Europe?

With that aforesaid, the largest run into Secret’s current dominant streak is that they need solely won one Major up to now and haven’t however won TI.

It’s a incontrovertible fact that can not be unnoticed, however if something, it will facilitate more Secret’s case ought to they continue dominating everybody else once the DPC comes back and TI10 finally happens.

But Secret’s streak isn’t done however. off from it, it’s trying like they’ll win each tournament in Europe till the DPC returns next year then continue their dominance there.

We’ve created our case for Secret being the foremost dominant team of all time, but, of course, so as for them to really claim that title, they’ll got to finish up this historic pass raising the Aegis of Champions in TI10.

With the approach they need totally dominated everybody they moon-faced this season, we’ve to admit that it’s extremely onerous to bet against them doing simply that.

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