Is we play mobile phones game in computer

Is we play mobile phones game in computer ?
And how it can run all the battle royale games?
So let get started!

Hello homies

In the world there is two types of people some are goods some are not so good and gaming also there are two types of peoples some are phone users like like phone Gamers and some are PC gamers. Phone Gamers are play easily play the pc game but PC gamers face some difficulties to play on mobile phone screen because they can’t use or play these type of mobile phones games. Don’t know how to make a perfect combo in game that they face problem while playing the mobile phone games.

Many of the peoples who like the mobile phone games but they can’t play because they have not played mobile games in phones because they don’t have an experience and an expensive phone to play the heavy games in phones so there are many companies who makes a software air is called emulator which help to to play the mobile games in PC with PC style and the PC gamers are too happy with this because they play the phone games in PC the emulator have a many companies like blue stack, Tencent gaming buddy, game loop, LD player and nox player etc.
This software were specially launched for the PC gamers now they can play a the mobile game easily in PC emulator have some advantage or disadvantage emulator advantage are that it people who are using this they can easily handle the game with the mouse and keyboard and the aim is is locked so they can easily put the headshot to the opponent and they had thought that is too good in playing many of the live streamer are using this emulator 2 live streaming because there gameplay is better because of the emulator. And using of this emulator they created their money by the YouTube channel of live streaming.

But if you are using the emulator you have better CPU to run the emulator like in your PC you have at least Intel i5 processors and 4 gb ddr3 ram and
And a graphic card with 1050 ti at least and a better motherboard of power supply to run this item and most important thing you have also a better internet connection with hundred MBPS speed connection because in emulator frames per second or ping are so important if they are not according to your your situation. So your gameplay become worst.
According to some countries that emulator are not safe because they steal the information from your computer and sell to the the suspicious market to war against between two countries that’s why many other countries ban the emulator like India ,usa , Russia, Japan, and many other countries has Ban the emulator of China is Tencent gaming buddy and game loop because they steal our youth information and sell in the market and making suspicious plan or creating cheat activity against the India or many others countries which were suffer from this problem.

If you really want to play the phone games into PC or laptop so you have to download please software directly from the Google from their official side their are many software which you like to download like LD player , bluestack, nox player, and you if you are not from countries which boycott or ban the China gaming software like Tencent gaming buddy or game loop so you can free to download or these software don’t have any cost they are free to download. You can download this software and enjoy the game of mobile phones.

According to peoples these emulators are cheating basis software because if they Run mobile phone games in PC because people who play this game in phone they struggled for the Note 2 Pro but the PC player get the kills because of the aim locked and people who play a with PC their head shot rate is high because the move with keyboard and aim with mouse
So they easily get the or give the headshot to the opponent player. But some peoples are said this is best because they play battle royale game easily in pc so liked these softwares so much

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