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PUBG, FAU-G and Akshay Kumar: Everything you wish to grasp (but area unit too embarrassed to ask)
PUBG has been illegal by Bharat, however what created the sport such successful within the 1st place? And area unit there any real substitutes out there? we tend to answer all the queries.

What is PUBG?
PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds) may be a game within the battle royale genre — an internet multiplayer game during which players look to eliminate all opponents whereas trying to survive. In PUBG, up to one hundred players contend at the same time, either separately or in groups of up to four. They parachute onto Associate in Nursing island, scavenge for weapons and appearance to eliminate alternative players whereas avoiding obtaining eliminated. The safe space of the map shrinks over time, forcing players into encounters. Eventually, the last player or team standing wins the sport.

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What makes it unique?
PUBG is not the 1st battle royale game. However, the recognition of its mobile version (PUBG mobile) got an incredible boost as a result of it entered the Indian market in 2018, at a time of dramatically falling mobile net prices and widespread adoption of smartphones within the country. while not the arrival of low-cost net in Bharat, it’s unlikely that the PUBG mobile app, with its massive file size of 2GB, would have found several takers.

Why was it therefore heavy? to confirm it absolutely was one in all the few mobile games that had quality graphics. It combined these graphics with reliable streaming and affordability — all a game required was a good smartphone, instead of a vice computer, which might value many times the maximum amount.

How common was it?
PUBG was one in all the foremost productive mobile games launched in Bharat. nearly 1 / 4 (175 million) of all PUBG mobile downloads (748 million) were from Bharat. the recognition of the sport may be gauged from the very fact that many YouTube channels cropped up, specializing in mere streaming PUBG mobile gameplay and content. a number of these streamers Drew viewers within the millions. Naman “Soul Mortal” Mathur, World Health Organization streamed PUBG games on his YouTube channel for example, became the primary Indian to be nominative at the Esport Awards within the Best Streamer class.

Was it solo or teams?
While players might play the solo version of PUBG, what was key to the game’s success was that a bunch of friends might play as a team. the very fact that players were able to voice chat with one another whereas enjoying additionally amendment the profile of the sport from a strictly vice one to a a lot of socially interactive expertise.

Debarchan Chatterjee/NurPhoto via Getty pictures however huge was it as an expert sport?
Owing to PUBG’s quality in Bharat, it absolutely was additionally the largest sport from an expert gamer’s perspective. “I’d ought to say PUBG tournaments comprised concerning sixty p.c of high finish skilled esports tournaments in Bharat. this does not embody the unofficial ones that individuals would organize on their own,” says Akshat Rathee, founder and manager of Nodwin vice, the biggest esports company in Bharat. The strongest groups in Bharat created many thousands of greenbacks in prize whilst international esport groups had additionally got wind of partnerships with Indian outfits. TSM Entity, a partnership between esport giants TSM and Indian team Entity vice, attained $182,067 in prize whereas Orange Rock, that was nonheritable by international game service company Pole, attained over $120,000.

Why was it banned?
PUBG was illegal within the country once being classified as “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India” by the country’s Ministry of physical science and knowledge Technology, in lightweight of the recent conflict on the Indo-Chinese border. within the statement concomitant the ban, the Ministry aforementioned it had received several complaints concerning “misuse of some mobile apps offered on golem Associate in Nursingd iOS platforms for stealing and sneakily transmission users’ information in an unauthorised manner to servers that have locations outside India”. this is often once PUBG Mobile issued a revised privacy policy in late Gregorian calendar month, stating that each one collected information from Bharat players would be keep on native servers inside the country.

Are there any substitutes for it?
PUBG mobile’s success coincided with the increase of mobile-based battle royale games. the 2 games expected to fight to fill within the void left behind area unit decision of Duty Mobile and Garena Free fireplace. each games have points in their favour. decision of Duty Mobile has higher quality graphics and also the heritage components of the decision of Duty computer and console versions. The graphics in Free fireplace area unit thought of a lot of ‘cartoony’, however it’s the advantage of having the ability to operate on lower-end smartphones.

What is FAU-G, and what will Akshay Kumar ought to do with this?
Within a few of days of the PUBG ban, many Indian firms aforementioned they’d launch Indian variants of the sport. Fearless and United-Guards (FAU-G) is one such game proclaimed via a tweet by Vishal Gondal, World Health Organization is that the Advisor/Investor at nCore games, a mobile games and interactive diversion company primarily based out of city. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar additionally announce an ad of the sport on his social media accounts. In Associate in Nursing interview with Indian specific, Gondal aforementioned FAU-G is that the production of Kumar.

Gondal, World Health Organization earlier based the vice web site, aforementioned FAU-G would be launched in October though he failed to specify the date.

At this time, it’s unknown whether or not FAU-G are a multiplayer battle royale vogue game like PUBG. making a game of that genre may be a technically difficult task, requiring solutions to issues in hit detection, packet loss, individuals having totally different devices, net lag etc. Tencent required nearly 2 years to make PUBG’s mobile version, although they’d a computer game to figure with. whereas Gondal says his team has been acting on the FAU-G game since could, it’d be a stimulating accomplishment if they manage to unharness a non-rebranded game moderately comparable in quality to PUBG by October.

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