Rockstar Support is telling fans to “stay tuned” for GTA six updates on Twitter
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The official Rockstar Support account is telling thievery automobile fans to “stay tuned” for future updates regarding GTA six, future game in its mammoth open world crime franchise.

In a series of responses announce throughout constant day earlier on, the Twitter account explicit that Rockstar has “not free any information” regarding GTA six as of however, however directed fans to the Rockstar Newswire page for “official updates” on the project.

As Reddit has detected, this is not the primary time Rockstar Support has tried to answer GTA six queries on Twitter (it’s been doing therefore on and off for years), however the actual fact that it’s suddenly started doing therefore once more, whereas apparently acknowledging the prospect that the sport is in development, is definitely fascinating.

Incidentally, Rockstar recently re-filed possession of the GTA six and Vice town on-line domain names, whereas a report earlier this year confirmed that the sport is within the early stages of development, with the studio hoping to repeat the continuing successes of GTA on-line.

In short, Rockstar Support’s recent comments on social media may well be one thing, or might quantity to an entire load of nothing, however it’s definitely got the GTA fanbase talking either means. As always, we tend to’ll update you with any new data regarding GTA six as presently as we hear it.

If you are gonna play it, you will need to stay au courant the weekly updates – that is what our GTA on-line patch notes ar for. And if you would like to own a small amount of fun, examine our list of GTA five cheats.

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How to get the alien suit in GTA on-line
Grand Theft automobile on-line could be a chaotic playground stuffed with players perpetually finding new ways in which to stay themselves diverted within the town of Los metropolis. Street races, bank heists, and death-defying aerial stunt shows ar all common occurrences in GTA on-line, united would possibly expect from a game regarding characters living well outside the law. Of course, players aren’t forever content to try and do what’s expected of them within the game’s Los metropolis sandbox, and one in all the foremost eccentric ways in which they’re breaking the mildew is with GTA Online’s long-standing alien gang war.

Throughout 2020, players have taken to the streets of Los metropolis clad in purple and inexperienced alien costumes, usurping teams of opposing extraterrestrials or simply beating different players down with baseball crackers. whereas some players at first fought back against the house invaders by organizing alien-hunting teams, it’s clear by currently that resistance is futile. With aliens currently a persistent a part of GTA Online’s landscape, here’s a way to nab associate alien suit of your own and obtain in on the fun.

Further reading wherever to search out the alien suit
There’s excellent news associated unhealthy news once it involves obtaining an alien bodysuit in GTA on-line. the nice news is that they’ll be purchased from any traditional store. The unhealthy news is that they’re extraordinarily pricey.

Finding associate alien suit in GTA on-line is simple enough. simply head to any store within the game (which you’ll realize by following the T-shirt icon on your map) and visit the counter. Enter the search menu, wherever you’ll search by class, and navigate to Outfits, then Arena War, wherever you’ll realize 2 distinct items: the inexperienced Martian Bodysuit and Purple Martian Bodysuit.

How to afford the alien suit
That’s the straightforward half. really affording your own alien bodysuit is another matter, as they every value run over $300,000. there’s the way to lower the value of the alien suits, and it’s by collaborating in Arena War missions. Arena War could be a series of PvP conveyance combat encounters control within the Maze Bank Arena. Players will contend in destruction derbies there to win prizes, and taking part in this mode enough can eventually unlock a reduction on the alien bodysuits.

If you’re simply inquisitive about connexion GTA Online’s alien gang wars, this isn’t the thanks to approach it. collaborating in Arena War could be a much more expensive endeavor than simply buying the suits outright, and it takes a great deal of your time, however if you’ve already followed this path, simply grasp that you’ll be obtaining a far better deal once it comes time to don your alien suit.

Fortunately, there ar many different ways in which to form cash in GTA on-line. taking part in at the casino, period of time trials, pull off heists, or simply finishing jobs can earn you sufficient cash to get your alien bodysuit in time. With however typically Rockstar Games simply offers away free in-game money, you will even find yourself earning the price of a suit while not lifting a finger.

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