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Lightweight iOS fourteen Public Beta eight Signals at hand Public unharness
iOS fourteen Public Beta eight

Anthony Karcz
iOS fourteen Public Beta eight is currently accessible to Apple Public Beta Program participants. This super light-weight unharness does not provide U.S….well…much of something very. which may solely mean one issue.

Apple is circling the wagons and preparing for a public unharness, perhaps as before long as next week!

What’s Broken
Remember that list of problems from last week? Well, I hope you will be pleased with living with most of them for the iOS fourteen public unharness as a result of they are the precise same problems as in the week.

Unless you are conjointly beta testing macOS geographical area on your mack, you will not be ready to correct your iOS fourteen device.
Fonts in your third-party apps is also wonky if they haven’t started mistreatment the Apis introduced in iOS thirteen.
Spotlight won’t seem obviously. Restart your device to induce it back to traditional.
After change, your Map user information like Favorites, Collections, and Recents will not correct to devices running earlier versions of iOS and iPadOS.
Ah, widgets. If you have given them access to “Selected Photos” you may get a notification anytime it runs. you continue to cannot size existing widgets. The weather contrivance would possibly still show up as blank however you ought to be ready to faucet to reset it. Oh, ANd if you are running an older beta and jump to beta 8? you may see some widgets disappear altogether.
Just because this list hasn’t modified does not imply that development work hasn’t been done. It’s simply that they are either tough bugs to repair or efforts are centered on behind- the-scenes stability. Indeed, there area unit a great deal of developer-only problems within the official unharness notes that the final public will not very care regarding.

As always, if you see one thing that may not operating right, report it mistreatment the Feedback app!

What’s New and what is mounted
While last week saw a number of new wallpapers sneak into the beta, there is fully nothing new in iOS fourteen Public Beta eight. Fixes and options alike area unit utterly absent, communication that the developers area unit modification up the code base and preparation iOS fourteen for a unharness within the close to future.

When can iOS fourteen Be Released?
With Apple holding a virtual Apple Watch and iPad event next week, it’s totally probably that we’ll see the final master of iOS fourteen discharged to Public Beta Testers before long once the keynote. the final public can probably get their 1st style of iOS fourteen a handful of days once the gram has hit tester’s devices.

Given that iOS fourteen and iPadOS share a code base, it’s no surprise that Tim Cook would wish the newest OS prepared for fast unharness once new iPad hardware is proclaimed.

One feature from the summer keynote that we’ve not seen any movement on is AirPod spacial awareness. presumably, that may be a iOS fourteen.1 feature that may ship once the iPhone one2 is proclaimed at next month’s event.

We’re within the finish game of the primary iOS fourteen beta! Things area unit way more stable than they were a month roughly past, therefore this is often a good time to register and check it out. register for the program, then charge your iPhone and head over to Settings > General > software package Update to start out downloading!

I’ll see you next week!

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