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Call of Duty: Warzone’s season four patch adds new mid-match events and new weapons
After per week of delay, decision of Duty: Warzone’s new season has arrived. Season 4’s new patch brings many changes to the sport as well as new mid-match events, new weapons to loot, and a fix that ought to create the game’s file size slightly smaller.

The biggest modification to Warzone during this patch square measure the new mid-match events. These square measure in-game events that have an opportunity to willy-nilly happen — or not happen — in each Warzone match. The patch adds 3 events, every of that will wildly various things that may utterly modification the course of a match:

Jailbreak — All dead players, even those who square measure solely spectating, come to life.
Fire Sale — For sixty seconds, everything within the purchase Stations is up to eightieth off (except loadout drops). throughout a hearth Sale you’ll be able to conjointly repurchase teammates for free of charge.
Supply Choppers — Heavily armored helicopters fly onto the map. If they’re destroyed they’ll drop all types of bonus loot like UAVs, armor boxes, gas masks, bomb launchers, and cash.
The patch conjointly brings in new weapons that players will loot, with updated blueprints and attachments. It conjointly makes an attempt to cut back the scale of the sport on consoles by creating future patches slightly smaller, that ought to be a welcome modification to anyone who’s had to scrub 0.5 the games off of their onerous drives simply to form area for Warzone.

For a full check up on all the changes coming back to decision of Duty: Warzone within the season four patch, you’ll be able to notice the patch notes below.

Call of Duty: Warzone season four patch notes What’s New
Weapon Mastery Challenges

Once you’ve unbolted Gold for a weapon, Mastery Challenges become out there. There’s eight Challenges per weapon, every granting their own rewards, with four Playercards and four Emblems up for grabs. You’ll have to be compelled to create your method through two Kill Challenges, two Headshot Challenges, and four further Challenges that has got to be worn out order (Gold, Platinum, Damascus, Obsidian). finishing all challenges for fifty one weapons unlocks a badass special Sticker and Playercard!

Warzone In-Match Events

Events will occur throughout Warzone Battle Royale matches and have a sway on the strategy and approach to gameplay. Events will happen in any given match while not advance notice. once they happen events can invariably occur mid-game. E.g. when the primary drop kit and before the POW camp closes. only 1 event kind can occur in a very given match, therefore familiarise yourself with 3 new event sorts, out there at the beginning of Season Four – ‘Jailbreak’, ‘Fire Sale’, and ‘Supply Chopper’.

When a ‘Jailbreak’ happens, all players that are eliminated are free back to the match. whether or not you were looking forward to your 1v1 within the POW camp, or had been relegated to a spectator, currently you’ll have another probability. you’ll get a one-minute notice before a gaolbreak event happens to seek out further armor or secure a weapon for your returning teammates. gaolbreak events will occur any time throughout the center game of a Battle Royale match, so it may
be worthwhile to watch, simply just in case. Be aware that once a gaolbreak happens, it’s not simply your teammates that square measure returning, however loads of further enemies.
A ‘Fire Sale’ is associate in-game event that briefly discounts most of things|the things} at a purchase Station up to eightieth or perhaps offers items out utterly free. a hearth Sale is that the excellent time to choose up a UAV, Armor Box for your squad, or perhaps a deadly Killstreak. throughout a hearth Sale shopping for back a fallen mate is totally free. If your short on in-match money, a hearth Sale can be the simplest probability to deploy a squadmate. Note that even throughout a hearth Sale, Loadout Drops don’t seem to be discounted. fireplace Sales solely last sixty seconds, therefore expect purchase Stations to be packed and harden a fight.
A ‘Supply Choppers’ event brings a non-lethal, however heavily armored chopper to Verdansk. The chopper can have loads of health, and it’ll need many rounds of bullets and perhaps a rocket or 2 to bring it down. The chopper won’t shoot at you, however certify that whereas you’re distracted enemy groups don’t benefit. Once you destroy the provision Chopper, it’ll drop prime quality loot for players to choose up. This loot includes 3 UAVS, 2 armor boxes and munitions boxes, a gas mask, a bomb launcher, and loads of money at a minimum. provide Choppers leave when a definite amount of your time, therefore if you would like to require one out begin firing quickly. Remember, that when taking down a provide Chopper, you have got to gather the loot. be careful for enemy groups United Nations agency may attempt to take you out throughout the gathering or steal your hard-earned rewards.
Contraband Contract System

Contraband may be a new, rare contract with a permanent Blueprint Reward. Contraband contracts have an opportunity to spawn when a previous contract is completed. If you see the Contraband case, hurry up and collect it. Once you have got it, take it to the selected chopper Extraction location to decision within the chopper. The player carrying the case should deposit it into the chopper drop-bag to finish the mission. If you kill a player carrying this case you’ll be able to steal it complete the contract for your team. get on the lookout for them on your Tac Map!

Playlist Update
Modern Warfare

Barakett Promenade has been more to Ground War!
Trench trip the light fantastic Pit (2v2)!
Scrapyard 24/7!
Blueprint Gunfight!

Blood cash
Warzone Rumble
Download Size
The Season four transfer goes to be massive. so as to cut back the general disk space that MW and WZ take up, we’re pressure a bunch of assets. Once put in, the S4 launch can solely take up an extra 4GB on consoles for all of the new content.
We’re continued to brush all assets to form size reductions wherever we are able to, and conjointly any optimize future patches for size. If helpful, one reminder for console players, you’ll be able to uninstall the content packs for modes that you’re not taking part in if you would like to release area.
You can learn the way to try and do therefore HERE.
General Fixes
Fix for a few players not receiving their Season three emblem
Fixes to assist cut back players encountering Error Code 13-71. If you continue to expertise this when today’s update, please reach intent on Activision client Support
Fix for a bug wherever the Ghost Perk wasn’t activity players from the Heartbeat sensing element once viewing the Killcam
Fixed a problem wherever some players were unable to activate a Nuke when obtaining the suitable variety of kills
Fix for a bug wherever the fourth Operator Mission for claw, “Complete two Warzone Plunder Matches” wasn’t trailing as supposed
Fix for a problem wherever some players may notice long wait times once trying to load into Ground War matches
Fix for a bug wherever neutral Hardpoints were showing yellow rather than gray
Various exploit fixes across multiple maps
Fix for the Officer Challenge, “Get twenty kill whereas crouched” not trailing properly for a few players
Fixed a bug wherever the white health regen was triggering on Andrew Jackson Downing different players notwithstanding fixture wasn’t equipped
Fix for associate exploit wherever players may typically decision in duplicate UAVs
Added new weapon perks to the Specialist Bonus (the bonus attained when obtaining eight kills whereas specialist is active): Frangible-Disabling, Frangible-Wounding, Mo’Money, Recon, important person, FMJ, Presence of Mind
Fixed a bug wherever players were unable to perform executions once on some elevated surfaces
Fixes to assist forestall a problem wherever players were able to move before the match reckoning timer completed
Fixes to assist forestall against black graphical corruption problems some players were seeing
Fix for the “For the Cause” grip tape not showing properly on the bottom M4
Improved stability fixes for laptop
Fixes to assist forestall problems with voice chat
Lowered munition count for reload warning on belt fed LMG
Fixed bug with HDR and manual dexterity of Hand wherever reloading wouldn’t offer munition to the player
Loot Update: New weapons and updated Blueprints! get on the lookout for the Fennec, CR-56 Amax, Renetti, and more!
Fixed a bug wherever the Recon Contract may spawn within associate munition provide cache, creating it unusable
After finishing the Contraband Mission and vocation within the extract chopper, players may shoot the chopper while not receiving hitmarkers and also the chopper would stay on screen indefinitely
Fixed a bug wherever players were able to drop their weapon within the POW camp
Fix for associate exploit wherever players were able to duplicate Self Revive kits
Special Operations
Fix for a bug wherever a player was stuck in third person gameplay
Daily Challenges square measure currently displayed aboard Multiplayer and Warzone challenges
Fixed a problem wherever unlocking associate Operator skin in Co-Op wouldn’t unlock the bottom skin for that Operator in addition
Fixed a bug wherever the sport wouldn’t finish properly if the last player alive used Team Revive straight off before dying
Special Operations: Survival
Fix for having the ability to duplicate the Juggernaut Suit Munition minigun
Fix for rare instances of waves not ending properly
Fixed associate exploit on St. metropolis wherever players may totally hide from troopers behind a bar
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